Servo Voltage Stabilizer for Printing Machine Digital Printing industry works continuously and the part which is involved in printing newspaper works on an emergency basis where the next day’s newspaper needs to be delivered in the market. In such scenario we cannot afford voltage fluctuation which will hamper the production or create issues with printing machineries. Thus Purevolt has come up with the best solution - Servo voltage stabilizer which stabilizes random voltage supply and stabilizes output voltage. Voltage fluctuation also damages these digital printing machines. How Servo voltage stabilizers play an important role in the printing industry of India? The working of servo voltage stabilizer is that it uses an automatic circuit to control fluctuations and manage current. It calculates the load requirement beforehand and instantaneously so that delicate machineries do not have to face over current. Servo voltage stabilizers are mostly preferred because it gives near accurate var…


We all have faced problems of unstable voltage which has eventually affected the electrical equipments in our household. To curb that issue Purevolt has introduced Servo voltage stabilizer that provide stable output supply in case of unbalanced voltage. Especially applicable for CNC machines these Servo stabilizers corrects the input voltage variation and protects the sensitive circuit of the cnc machine. Before we discuss how usage of a Servo stabilizer can benefit a CNC machine it is important to understand the main problem area of CNC machine which is fluctuating voltage input.
Mostly, CNC machines are of two types:
● 3-phase, 4-wire grounded service from 208Y/120V to 480Y/277V
● 3-phase ungrounded service at 480V delta or 240V delta Our Servo Stabilizers can easily be used with top CNC Machines manufacturers from all around the world , few of them are as under: Hitachi :
The company started in India in the 1930s. The company started manufacturing CNC machines and became very successful d…


Why Servo Voltage Stabilizer are essential for Injection Moulding Machine ? Life has changed to a great extent with the advancement of science and technology. There has been a remarkable change in the material used to make different products. Earlier various types of metals were widely used but today there is a vast usage of plastic material in various forms. Ever wondered how plastic sheets or plastic in general is moulded into the shape of these products ? what is the process involved in the moulding of plastic and making plastic products ?. The answer is technologically advanced injection moulding machine. This is an injection press machine that moulds with the help of injection and a clamping unit in the machine.
How Servo Stabilizer improves productivity in these injection moulding machines ? In the injection moulding machine molten plastic is placed in a mould cavity and this is done before the plastic dries and hardens. This is a very delicate process that needs to be done quickly…

Top 12 Tips For Safety Of Transformers

While using the machines that produce high amount of voltages, like transformers, it is really very important for you to keep some safety precautions to prevent yourself from the risk.
When the loose end takes place, sometimes we just neglect the risk. The situation of emergency could come up which leads to damage or injury. All you have to do is to just have the basic knowledge about the design and installation of the transformer that will surely ensure you to provide a successful operation.
Followings are some transformer machinery practices which can be used in any type of machinery which are totally independent of the system type or manufacturer.

Tips for Transformer Safety 1. First, you have to monitor or observe the transformer before installing it, check out for any burnt odour, all the wires and cables should be tightened. All the unsuitable or cracked cords, cables or plugs must be checked. 2. Must check your machine regularly to minimize or reduce the breakdown or failure of the …

Testing A Transformer – How To Accurately Test A Transformer

Currently there are two main types of transformers available in the market which include the linear transformer and switch mode power transformer.  Both The transformers differ in their design.  Examples where Linear transformer is used includes mostly used in radio, project kits, etc and switch mode transformer is used in Monitor, Tv, Fax. In a transformer two coils are used which are wounded together on the same core. Iron is usually used as the core material. For power transformers and For a radio-frequency transformer, ferrite is the core material. The main function of a transformer is to alter AC current and voltage. The leading transformer manufacturing company in India are here with the tips that will help in accurate testing of transformer for making the process easy. How to test transformers: Transformer failures are unusual to hear about.  In case of too high a voltage or current passing through the coil, the circuit breaks down by the heating of the winding. The breakdown o…

Servo Voltage Stabilizers – Why and where do we need them?

Today, apart from the primary natural resources, we also need the power to carry out our routine day-to-day tasks at homes, offices, industries, and other places. Isn’t it? We fulfill such activities with the help of different types of electric and electronic equipment – if there is a power issue, and then we are lost! Voltage fluctuations are one of the common problems seen all over the world – it’s our serious concern to keep a full-stop to such problems and smoothen the power-based routines. Servo stabilizers are the best devices to provide voltage stabilization and perfect quality power supply to any kind of appliance.

Voltage Fluctuations and Effects The Power supply in different places often experiences a common problem of voltage fluctuation. Though the power from the mains is supplied through substantial voltage, due to some problems, voltage fluctuations do arise. Such over and under-voltage occurrences result in different problems like – Large over-currentOverheating of equipme…

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